Strengthen the Korean IT competitiveness by
cultivating global open source Leaders
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Cultivate and Support
Open Source
Discover, support, and cultivate Global Open Frontiers(Open Source Developer)
· Every year, we foster about 20 best Korean open source developers
Support selected open source projects
· Share successful projects support to increase the open source awareness of the public
Support Open Source
Community Activities
Discover, support and cultivate Open Source Communities
· Build necessary infrastructures for communities and provide support for their research activities
Provide support for online and offline community activities
· Provide support for work spaces, events, virtual development environment for community activities
Streghten Commiters'
Evangelize and eduate committers
· Provide opportunities for open source committers to hold montly seminar and attend global conferences.
Operate Open Source
Software Developer
Build and operate open source software developer lab
· Monitor projects and provide support for the reaerch & development activities global open frontiers