Strengthen the Korean IT competitiveness by
cultivating global open source Leaders
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About Global Open Frontier

Support services for Global Open Frontiers

  • · Provide grants and necessities for developing open source poejcts
  • · Provide exclusive work spaces: Work space(24h), Co-working Spcae, Meeting Rooms and more
       Anam Tower 7th flr. (Gangnam), Nuritkum Square R&D Tower 13th flr. (Sang-am)
  • · Provide open work space: open work space provided for developers' convenience and accssibility

Global Open Frontier Activities

  • · Share one's project outcome at KOSSCON or any local or global conference or seminar (at least once a year)
  • · Evangelize and educate contributors by influencing beginners at 'Contributhon' and 'Open Source Training Camp'
  • · Cultivate and promote open source community culture by promoting project communities
  • · Submit trend analysis report on contributing open source project and new technology (1report/year)
  • · Submit monthly reports on open source contributions and project developments (1report/month)

Support Period

Global Open Frontier : From signed date towards the end of agreement year

  • Through final evaluation of the year, one can be selected to exntend their period for open frontier program
  • Support period and grants may vary depending on next year's budget