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Introduction to Support

Support details Introduction

  • · IPA operates in the IT Industry Promotion Agency and public SW SW Developer Lab is a public
  • · community activation and support for events, meeting room support, a virtual environment for the development.
  • · See below for prices, please apply by sector.

Support Procedures

Application Support Developer Center is open SW (KOSSLab) through the sectoral support application from the website support

  • - Application in the Community register (introduction), offline activities (location support), virtual application development environment is open SW Developer Center (KOSSLab)
  • 1. Community Register : Register my home ( community registration application ) -> approved
  • 2. Application Support : Community only apply through pages
  • 3. Internal review and approval : Support Joining whether review and decision support
  • 4. Event Support : Costs or event location support
  • 5. Result report : Event Results related reports and documents submitted

Support details

Community seminars / conferences and other events, meeting room support, a virtual development environment support

Offers support

  • (within 3 million) for free or books for the purpose of non-profit support within the minimum registered only get obese event three million won limit of nature
  • - Includes: conferences, seminars, rental places, kits and teaching materials inswaebi, gangsaryo, beam projector / microphone, equipment rental, etc. (labor, except for participation in the sweepstakes and other events conducted agents)

meeting room support

  • For small seminars and study meetings for community offline activities
  • - we won Facility (Koss Lab) and access to ease the professional meeting space (lactose, etc.) utilizing the support of such high Gangnam, Shinchon
  • ※ place to support the results reported: the resulting report submitted by the mandatory KOSSLab community dedicated page

developing virtual environments

  • - using virtual development server for testing developments of community support
  • - take advantage of domestic and foreign service providers can support virtual development environment
  • ※ Applications: KOSSLab submitted after the application through a community page dedicated to support the resulting report required